11 Great Home Decorative Ideas For Your Fairy Garden (Cheap And Easy).

Are you looking for decoration ideas for your garden? Cheap and easy to make decorating ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place! For the layout of your outdoor garden, no need to ruin yourself! We have selected 11 magnificent decoration ideas for you to beautify your garden. You will see, these recovered ideas are simple and economical. You will love it. Look:

  1. A fairy house on a tree trunk Bring a touch of magic to your garden and transform a tree into a house for fairies! To do this, just a few magical accessories. With this magical idea, the imagination of children will fly.
  2. A birdbath in an original planter You no longer use this birdbath? Keep it precious and transform it into a beautiful planter.
  3. A well-grid plant wall Instead of letting ivy climb on the wall anyway, give it original shape. For example, you can wrap transparent nylon thread along your wall. Let the ivy growing on it! You will get a magnificent green wall.
  4. Bright rain coming out of a watering can. Thank this magic lighting, light rain will escape from your watering can. You just need to install a few light garlands to make your garden a magical place.
  5. A magical miniature garden in a broken pot Have you broken a flowerpot in the ground? Don’t throw it out! Recycle it in a poetic miniature garden. To do this, all you need is a few accessories and a lot of imagination.
  6. A small garden in a birdbath Here is another adorable idea to recycle a birdbath and decorate your garden: make it a miniature garden that you can personalize with small decorations. A fairy may settle there!
  7. An old boot in a nice gutter! It must be recognized, the gutters, it is never very pretty! Except when we decorate it. Collect an old gardening boot. Cut off the end and install the boot on the gutter. And there you go, your gutter looks great like that, doesn’t it?
  8. A house for goblins on a tree stump Did you just cut down a tree? Getting a tree stump removed is expensive! So use it instead to decorate your garden. Why not recycle it into a house for garden elves? You can, for example, use this type of decoration to dress the tree trunk.
  9. A homemade birdbath No need to ruin yourself by buying a birdbath! If you have a tree stump in the garden, you have what it takes. Just place a deep plate full of water on it, and the birds will love it!
  10. An alley of wooden logs We are used to seeing alleys paved with stones. But an alley paved with logs, and it is much rarer and original. And it brings a poetic touch to your garden, doesn’t it?
  11. A planter in a tree trunk An old trunk bleached by time can accommodate an adorable garden. It is enough to dig it a little and to install there some succulent plants which require very little maintenance. Just a little earth and water!

How To Make A Fairy House

  1. Install your fairytale garden between light and shade

A fairy garden must offer mysterious corners, if possible in the shade of large trees, sunny places conducive to the flowers loved by fairies, and places in partial shade, where the sun filters and shimmers through the foliage.

  1. Choose fairy plants

According to various legends, certain plants are reputed to attract fairies and invite them to come and dance in your garden, in particular clover, thyme, rosemary, digitalis (sometimes called “fairy gloves” or “fairy dice”) , bluebells, heather, bluebells, primroses, lily of the valley, roses and lilac. It is sometimes even said that each elderflower and hawthorn flower harbours a tiny fairy.

  • Plants Dedicated To Fairies

If the roses attract fairies, some are specifically dedicated to them: plant the delightful little pink rose “The Fairy” or the sumptuous white rose “Fairy Snow” (also called “Iceberg”).

No fairies without elves… So also plant flowers of the elves ( Epimedium ), a beautiful ground cover with small light flowers in spring: the variety “Roseum”, with its purple flowering is particularly suitable.

  • Exquisite Roses

Other roses do not bear names of fairies, but their exquisite delicacy recommends them in a fairy garden:

  • “Morning dew “, ground cover with large double wild roses, delicately scented, nuanced with pink and white.
  • “Ballerina “, a shrub with small dancing pink and white flowers, all in grace and delicacy.
  • “Aimée Vibert “, or “Bridal Bouquet”, climbing the little round pompoms in pure white, highlighted by adorable pink buttons.
  • “Évangeline “, liana rose with a profusion of scented rosehips, pure pink with more intense reflections.
  1. Attract birds and butterflies

Delicate rustles of wings are the favourite music of the fairies. Attract the birds by planting shrubs which offer them berries to peck, by installing feeders and nest boxes in the trees, not to mention a nice birdbath, made of cast iron for example.

Attract the butterflies by leaving a square of weeds (nettles in particular) in the fairy garden; by installing honey plants such as buddleia, borage, scabious, lupins and sweet peas; aromatic plants such as thyme, sage and rosemary. In addition, regularly arrange a few ripe fruits with which butterflies are fond of a cup of sugar water mixed with honey and a hint of salt.

  • Make yourself gracious mobiles with pieces of wood, seeds, pieces of straw …
  • Hang from the branches, at the end of a wire, enchanted circles made of wire around which you will wrap ivy regularly pricked with fresh flowers.
  • Hang a rotating and scintillating mirror with the wind, made of “mirror” sticker glued on both sides of a board and framed with the bark of wood.
  1. Complete the decoration of your fairytale garden

You can decorate your fairytale garden with multiple objects.

  • Symbolic circles

Since time immemorial, the circle has had strong symbolic value. For example, place circles of white pebbles, pine cones or freshly picked ephemeral flowers on the foam.

  • A fairy house

Do not forget a nice bench nestled in the greenery, to take full advantage of your fairy garden and watch for their appearance.…