Seasonal Fairy Gardens

Seasonal Fairy  Gardens Fall / Halloween

It’s that time of year here in ‘ the great white north’ when fairy gardening  moves inside to potted arrangements. It’s easy, fun and funky to decorate for the season with seasonal accessories and DIY items.



Using my favorite polymer shape-and-bake clay (Primo Sculpey) I cooked up a few ghostly friends for my display. Not into clay?  The tiny  jack-o-lantern with the green leaf ‘do’  is fashioned  from a small rock,  a bit of craft paint and a pinch of plastic greenery form a dollar store find. You could use small stones and rocks to paint up some ghostly friends as well. I use Outdoor Patio Paint by DecoArt to make my painted items impervious to water for my planter gardens.

Tiny jack–o -lanterns from the store are displayed as a group with faces turned to the back to make my little pumpkin patch. Other items – the witch on a broom stick, the skeletal remains and the Acorn Tree House are also items available online in the store (


Even if you are not into spooky – a nice harvest themed display without the scary stuff is great too! Perhaps as a center piece for your Thanksgiving dinner. Wow.


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