Fairy Garden Containers

The ingenuity of fairy gardeners in choosing containers for their gardens never ceases to amaze me. Wheelbarrows, logs, crates, shoes…just about anything goes. It’s all part of the fun.

pink-vintage-tub-gardenThis week at The Fairy Garden I’ve been very busy getting ready for an arts and craft show. My first. I’ve been rushing about gathering items to help me prepare. I spent a whole day scouring the second hand shops for likely containers for my fairy gardens. I poked through  my own collection of things I’ve dragged home – including one item that I filched from someones garbage – yes I’m one of those.  A pink enamelware wash tub.

Ihandcrafted -fairy-garden-in-a-chestAt the shops I found a little chest, a miniature suitcase, an attractive wooden salad bowl and various pieces of glassware suitable for miniature garden terrariums. My rule is to pay no more than five dollars.

The hunt  is all part of the fun of fairy gardening and it allows me to make some little gardens with attractively low prices. My goal was to have at least two miniature gardens that I could sell for under twenty five dollars. By using my re-purposed containers and decorating with  handcrafted items I manged to accomplish this.

mini-suitcase-fairy-gardenNow if only that snow storm that’s threatening to arrive will just hold it’s horses –

Happy hunting…and, as always…have a fairy good time.



9 thoughts on “Fairy Garden Containers

  1. Have you ever tried making anything with hypertufa ? You could make your containers any size and shape you want. Check out Flea Market Gardening on FB for easy instructions, and LOTS of pics and ideas !

  2. I love the containers you found! I am also partial to the miniature succulent gardens 😉 We have worked with hypertufa quite a bit. I think it is a great idea for succulent fairy gardens because it pulls so much water out of the soil, it makes it almost impossible to overwater!

    • Hello Sister Miriam. Papercrete is somewhat porous but can be sealed to make it water proof. For a birdbath I would look at a spray or brush on type sealer sometimes used for sealing leaks in eaves troughs and such. I can be found at home improvement centers. Marthe

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