Moss in the Fairy Garden ( for beginners)

moss-garden-kyoto-japanI think the moss garden in Kyoto Japan is probably one of the most beautiful places on earth. Someday I hope I to visit …but for now I have contented myself by building a little moss garden of my very own. A fairy moss garden of course.

First I needed to learn a little about moss and how to care for it properly. What a delight it was to find that it so easy to nurture.

moss-outdoors-on-rockI discovered that moss is not like other plants. It does not have roots or a what is called a vascular system which other plants need to gather nutrients and moisture. Instead it absorbs everything it needs through its leaves. Indoor or out it never requires fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides. Out doors and in terrariums, once established, it doesn’t even require watering! In a planter indoors misting regularly is recommended to keep it nice and colorful.

The main requirements for moss to be happy are: to place the moss firmly upon its substrate or host – it does not like air under it;  plant moss  in shady areas outdoors and indoors place it where it does not receive direct sunlight – a few hours of morning light is all it needs; make sure it has good drainage – moss does not like to be kept wet. And that seems to be just about it. As it is not the first two seeks of August, it is still winter here in Canada :), and so I am going to make my DIY moss gardens indoor ones. To start ..being the seriously tiny lover that I am I just had make a little micro moss terrarium with the tiniest gravel ever and a bit of colored sand.


For a more thorough moss education and some other optional suggestions for moss terrariums I found this article from the Eugene Daily News very helpful.

As always, have a fairy good time!


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