Make a Stone Fairy House

Fairy HouseBannerpic I’ve always been attracted to the cozy stone homes that dot the landscape along the Lake Erie shores near my home in Ontario, Canada. They appear inviting and almost magical to me. Like real life fairy houses. So when I took up the hobby of miniature gardening almost my very first thought was  to make a miniature stone house of my very own.  After many experiments I stumbled on a quick and easy way to get that tiny stone house look using DIY veneer. Here’s how.

What You’ll Need

  • Glue
  • Ziplock bag
  • A form – bird house, old margarine container, gourd or other item
  • Some small stones
  • Tweezers
  • Shellac or urethane

Optional – Laundry Bad/ Plastic berry box, artificial moss



Getting Ready

I live near a lake so I just gather handfuls (and buckets full) of beach pebbles. I’ve also used crushed stone that’s commonly used on gravel roads and driveways. This can be purchased in  bags at places like Lowe’s and Home Depot. Smaller packs of stones can sometimes be found at craft and dollar stores. Any stone will work that is small and has some flat-ish surfaces.I’ve applied stone this way to gourds, wood, and even glass. This time I am experimenting with a plastic juice bottle and a plastic salad bowl.

EasyStoneWork2The plastic berry box comes in handy to sift out  the tiniest of stones and some of the sand. Remove any stones that are larger than a 1/4″ and set them aside. I now have some fairly uniform sized pebbles. Next,  put them in a mesh laundry bag and give them a good shaking around out doors. This gets rid of most of the sand and the rest disappears when I give the stones a rinse while still in the bag.

What to Do

First squeeze some wood glue onto the Ziploc baggie and spread it around making  several small square areas up to 4 inches square.  Then take some stones and arrange them on the glue. I like working with beach pebble. You can more or less just dump them on the glue, pat them down and do just a little adjusting to get them into a nice little square. The crushed stone takes a little more fussing, so just start with one or two glue squares. The tweezers come in handy for adding the tiniest of stones to fill in any spaces.

Wait about half an hour and check your squares. The glue will dry around the stones much faster than it will dry to the soft plastic.Try lifting the stone from the corner. When its ready you will be able to lift the square of stone without the stones separating. EastStineWork4The trick is, you need to lift the square while the glue is still tacky on the under side and the square is still flexible.  This allows you to apply it on rounded areas. If it dries out completely, no worries. You will still be able to lift it from the plastic and you can add some glue to the back.


Now you can apply the stone to whatever form you have chosen for your project. Cut out any windows or doors you want before applying the stone. You should still be able to pull individual stones away from the veneer if your square overlaps any cut out areas.  Wood glue works well for gluing stone to stone as well for making garden walls, arches and anything else you can imagine. However the finished project can be brittle, so add a couple of coats of varnish to help make it more stable and useful for outdoors.stonegardenwalland arch

For around doors and windows and on the roof of my project I glued stones one at a time to my form. On the roof you might see some ‘flowers’. Pebble mosaics, if you have the patience is a nice touch. Finally, after varnishing I add a pinch of artificial moss here and there to give my project an aged look.

Have a very fairy good time!


25 thoughts on “Make a Stone Fairy House

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    • Well – the wood glue held up well on the bottom portion – although I did not leave it outside very long. On the top where the under part is very hard smooth plastic ,the glue, when very hard did not adhere as well as it should. I ended up redoing the roof and glued some burlap to the plastic with an outdoor silicone and then glued the stones back onto that. I used the siliocne for the stones as well. Very messy and difficult. I think if the project was finished with a good spray coat of outdoor sealant it would help it to hold up outdoors even just using the wood glue. Perhaps if I had sanded or roughed up the smooth hard plastic the glue would have held better as well. Yes – I do still have the house. It is the first fairy house I ever built – it’s a keeper! Marthe

      • Thank you Marthe for the reply and the added info about how this fairy house has been doing. I have made some small moss gardens and want to try my hand at making a few tiny and small fairy houses. I like to try to use items that can not be recycled when possible, so I might be using items, like rust cans, broken cups, glasses, etc…

      • I am curious to know exactly why you glue to a zip lock bag and not directly onto the form itself?

      • I use E6000 or GE II silicone on bowling balls and other outdoor art. Holds up great outside!

      • Hi Mary Jo Martin. The answer is time and patience. I am not the most patient of crafters…lol. Gluing individual stones over that area takes quite a bit of time as I could not find a glue that would adhere the stones in a snap. Also I wanted to use very small stones..i would have had to put themon one at a time with tweezers …NO WAY…Marthe

      • Use e6000 glue it is totally weather proof. I do take my things in for winter.

  2. Guess what I made my mom for mother’s day?!?! And big expensive mess. Perhaps this shouldn’t be described as easy? Perhaps if you found fault with your own instructions you could update it all together rather than adding information in the comments where no one will see it in time… I sure hope my mom enjoys excuses and apologies through tears… thanks.

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  6. Grrr… I made the tiles if pebbles. And start to glue them to the bottle and what do you know I’m now day 2 1/2.I have 4 tiles glued I’m ready to get my glue gun out and go to town… If one more time slides off …so what’s ur secret to keeping them in place because I’m gona flip out… I used agates n jasper so really is a lot of hand picked stones here… I went n collected at my beach for weeks…the idea is awesome and I think maybe put a nylon over the bottle then stuff the tiles into place cuz wire isn’t working. Help…also when the stones n all glue dry will the plastic seem or be stronger .. Thanks…

    • Hi Lorin. On the bottle part i did not glue any individual stones. I used the quick easy stone veneer method as per my blog on that. I used very small pebbles. I smooshed some glue over and area of about 2 square inches on a pasltic bag..a baggie actually… Then I waited until the glue dried upa a bit ..I peeled up a little bit at the corner to see if the stones were staying stuck together and coming up all together…but also that the bottom was still taky and leetting go. It took a bit of experimentation to figure out how long to leave the the stones to set and the glue on the bottom of them to be the right amount of tacky to stick quickly and easily to the bottle. On the roof I used larger pebbles and this was a bit more time consuming. I started with a row at the bottom edge of the roof all the way around with liquid nails in a tube. I have to admit I did have to hold them in place while they dried enough to not slip. After the fist row is good and set it is easier to work your way up from there with the bottom row keeping the new stones from slipping. Also I did think that ..after dropping the house and breaking up the stones on the roof..that I would try a fix. I glued burlap to the plastic slad bowl roof first and then glue stones on..worked out well. Happy fairy house building! Marthe

  7. I tried this method and it failed miserably. I checked at 1/2 hour and the stones came apart. Same thing happened at 45 min and again after an hour and 10 min. What are you using, magic fairy glue?

    • HI Jimmy. I admire your patience! I suspect that you are using stones that are to large. On the Stone Fairy House you can see that the roof and and the bottom of the house are made using VERY different sized stones. The stones on the bottom are beach gravel and are no larger than 3/8″, with many being quite a bit smaller. On the roof the stones are larger and have been placed one at time leaving each row to dry for a white as I worked my way up the roof worked up the roof. The glue i used on both parts was ordinary white glue. Some cautions on this however. On the roof where the stones are adhered to a hard plastic surface the result is brittle and the stones will crack into section if dropped. I also found over time ..that the white glue would get very brittle when subjected to low or changing temperatures. Not so great for outdoors. The fix for me was this. I redid made the roof using an out door adhesive caulking from the hardware store. Just to make sure …I glued a bit of burlap fabric ( dollar store, hardware store, or garden center) to the hard plastic surface and then glued the stones on that. Happy Building?

  8. Hi April. I used a hard plastic salad bowl from a dollar store , However I did find that the gleu and stone had a hard time staying together there when stressed…Try cutting up another platic bottle. A large pop bottle with straight sides . Cut off the top and bottom. Slit the remaining piece down one side. Now make a cone shape side and staple , tape or glue it. maybe all three…lol. And carry on.

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