Easy DIY Stone Veneer for Fairy Garden Houses

Stone House Bothwell, Ontario http://www.museevirtuel-virtualmuseum.ca/sgc-cms/histoires_de_chez_nous-community_memories/pm_v2.php?id=record_detail&fl=0&lg=English&ex=380&hs=0&rd=97925

Stone House Bothwell, Ontario

I’ve always been fascinated and drawn to those beautiful field stone homes that look so cozy and inviting. Like real life fairy houses. Stone houses, bridges, and pathways find a perfect home in a fairy garden. Good news. After many experiments I stumbled on a quick and easy way to get that tiny stone house look using DIY veneer. Here’s how.

What You’ll Need

  • Wood glue
  • Ziplock bag
  • A form – bird house, old margarine container, gourd or other item
  • Some small stones
  • Tweezers
  • Shellac or urethane

Optional – Laundry Bad/ Plastic berry box



Getting Ready

I live near a lake so I just gather handfuls (and buckets full) of beach pebbles. I’ve also used crushed stone that’s commonly used on gravel roads and driveways. This can be purchased in large bags at places like Lowe’s and Home Depot. Smaller packs of stones can sometimes be found at craft and dollar stores. Any stone will work that is small and has some flat-ish surfaces.I’ve applied stone this way to gourds, wood, and even glass. This time I am experimenting with a plastic juice bottle and a plastic salad bowl.

EasyStoneWork2The plastic berry box comes in handy to sift out  the tiniest of stones and some of the sand. Remove any stones that are larger than a 1/4″ and set them aside. I now have some fairly uniform sized pebbles. Next,  put them in a mesh laundry bag and give them a good shaking around out doors. This gets rid of most of the sand and the rest disappears when I give the stones a rinse while still in the bag.

What to Do

First squeeze some wood glue onto the Ziploc baggie and spread it around making  several small square areas up to 4 inches square. Then take some stones and arrange them on the glue. I like working with beach pebble. You can more or less just dump them on the glue, pat them down and do just a little adjusting to get them into a nice little square. The crushed stone takes a little more fussing, so just start with one or two glue squares. The tweezers come in handy for adding the tiniest of stones to fill in any spaces.

Wait about half an hour and check your squares. Try lifting the stone from the corner. When its ready you will be able to lift the square of stone without the stones separating. EastStineWork4The trick is, you need to lift the square while the glue is still tacky on the under side and the square is still flexible.  This allows you to apply it on rounded areas. If it dries out completely, no worries. You will still be able to lift it from the plastic and you can add some glue to the back.


Now you can apply the stone to whatever form you have chosen for your project. Cut out any windows or doors you want before applying the stone. You should still be able to pull individual stones away from the veneer if your square overlaps any cut out areas.  Wood glue works well for gluing stone to stone as well. Using the same methods you can make small rectangles or lines of layered stones and apply them around doors and windows or corners. Or, make stone garden walls. To finish off add dots of glue and use the tweezers to add little stones into any areas that need it. Two or three coats of shellac or urethane will help keep the glue from degrading in the outdoors. How easy is that?

EasyStoneWorkDoneHave a very fairy good time!



13 thoughts on “Easy DIY Stone Veneer for Fairy Garden Houses

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  2. What a great tutorial ! Thanks, Marthe ! I was planning to individually glue small stones to the side of my wooden birdhouse, but this is a neat method !

  3. I’m curious if you could use plastic food wrap as well? Any reason a ziplock bag is easier? I am just hoping to make these for a school project so I will need about 60 3 inch squares. If I read it correct, I am putting it on top of the zip lock bag, not inside of it, correct??

    • HI Molly. SOrry about the delay in responding. I used a zip lock because it was what I had on hand and heavy enough that it did not just stay stuck to the veneer as I peeled it up. I don’t think plastic food wrap would work. You can always try a test run first.. a box of zip locks from the dollar store …the kids left over baggies from lunch for those who have them..for a week or two prior.. an exercise in reuse and recycle there. Marthe

  4. I have made a couple of houses with small rock and tappers mud. You can get the kind that is pre-mixed and you just spread it on the surface your working on little at a time. You have to make it thick enough for the rocks to stick but I find it easy to work with and it will dry over night. After it is dry, 10-12 Hours, I work with the window and doors mostly using Polymer Clay and gluing them to the outside. When I am finished decorating them, I put on a couple of coats of water based exterior varnish to seal it. It works pretty well and I haven’t expanded my experimenting any further yet. Have a couple other ideas to try when I have more time. Thank you for your method, I will be sure to try it to. Connie Kitchener

    • HI Kathy. The stones for the roof are much larger and heavier so they are applied one piece at a time. I found that it was not stable enough using ordinary glue on the smooth hard plastic bowl I used. To fix the problem I sanded the plastic and used some Liquid Nail glue to attach first some burlap and then the stones. It’s VERY stable now. The liquid Nails might have worked without the burlap but I wanted to make sure this time 🙂 Marthe

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