Zero-Waste Tips For Making Your Own Outdoor Plant Suspensions

This suspension is perfect for people who are not very skilled in manual work. The material necessary to carry out this DIY:

  • A ceramic teapot;
  • Wire;
  • A 200 cm long strap.

Here are the manufacturing steps:

  • Cut 10 cm of wire and fix at the end of the strap using an adhesive tape;
  • Pass the wire through the outside of the spout;
  • Remove the adhesive tape, make a cross with the wire, then make a knot to fix the strap to the cross;
  • Tie the other end of the strap to the handle of the teapot;
  • The teapot is ready to be hung, and it only remains to garnish it with a pretty houseplant.

Suspend From A Tin Can

Here is a pendant light easy to make and economical to enhance indoor plants. The necessary accessories are:

  • An empty tin can  ;
  • Masking tape;
  • A hammer ;
  • A nail ;
  • A string ;
  • A spray can of paint.

Here are the stages of the realization:

  • Use duct tape to create patterns, then paint the preserves with the spray paint. Hold the can approximately 30 cm from the box to prevent the paint from dripping. Let dry about thirty minutes before handling;
  • Remove the adhesive tape and use the nail to make two small holes on both sides of the can;
  • Also, make three holes on the base of the box to let the water drain;
  • Thread the string on both sides of the box, then tie the string;
  • The pot is ready to receive a plant and to be hung.

Make Suspensions With Coconut Shell

Here is a suspension that is easy to make and stands out from the crowd. It is made from a coconut shell. You must have:

  • Several halves of walnut shell coconut  ;
  • String;
  • Wooden beads;
  • Paint ;
  • Masking tape;
  • A drill.

Here are the stages of the realization:

  • Pierce the shell on all four sides. The external face of the shell can be smoothed with sandpaper (optional);
  • Use the ribbon to make patterns, then paint the empty parts with paint to bring out the desired patterns;
  • Let dry before threading a string into a hole, then a wooden bead;
  • Do the same with the other three holes, then tie the ends of the strings together;
  • The pots are ready to use.

Make A Trailer Pendant Light

This DIY is very simple to make. Just follow the steps carefully. It is necessary:

  • Trapilho (4 m);
  • A pair of scissors ;
  • A flower pot.

Here are the steps:

  • Cut the trail into five equal pieces, then bring them together and form a loop by folding everything in half. Tie the folded end with a small piece of trail.
  • Divide the threads by two and tie at 20 cm from the loop. Descend a few centimetres from the knot. Take a thread from the first knot and tie it with a thread from the knot next door. Perform the same operation for all the wires.
  • Go down a few centimetres and perform the same operation with less space between the knots. Finish by making a big knot with all the threads.
  • Place the pot inside and hang in the chosen location.

Make A Kokedama

A kokedama is a  plant composition used to stage indoor plants. It can then be hung on a string to obtain an original and decorative plant suspension. You must prepare:

  • Scissors;
  • A sprayer;
  • Cotton thread;
  • Foam.

Here are the steps:

    • Take the chosen plant from its pot, taking care to moisten the soil using the sprayer, then clear the roots and cut those that are too long;
    • Take the removed potting soil, moisten them and collect them in a ball. Then cover the ball with foam;
    • Tie the whole thing with the cotton thread, then cut the foam which protrudes;
  • Place inside a macramé and hang in a lighted place

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