Magic Fairies In The Garden – Ideas For A Outdoor Fantasy Decoration

We are not saying to turn your garden into a place full of trinkets and brightly coloured ornaments that you see there, but you can take note of some original details that you can achieve with your imagination and some additional help.

Tree Trunk

Create a small path to the hole and place a miniature door in the space. You can use the door of an old dollhouse or make your own. This is perfect if you don’t have space for a full-size treehouse

Small houses in the tree

To make a miniature fairy garden, you can use an old bowl or an old pot. Fill it with compost and then plant a miniature garden inside. Your imagination is the only limit.

How to make your own mini-city?

If you have a little space and the necessary budget, why not get three or more stone houses and build a town? You may not have the necessary budget for porcelain fairies and small stone houses, but there are still many things you can do to create a large fairytale garden. Build small houses with stones and use pieces of old wood to create rustic-style doors. Add a washing line made of a thread of yarn between two small twigs … you could even add some old fabric-cuts like hanging clothes.

What about water fairies?

We’ve seen some beautiful miniature fairy models and, if you have a collection of them, what do you think about placing them around the edges of a water fountain this summer? You can add as many small additional details as you want, such as miniature bridges, small poisonous mushrooms and don’t forget to grow some lilies in the water. Use a small dish to create a miniature aquatic world for a rockery or pot. Add small stones around the edge and some of the smallest plants you can find. Maybe a stick could act as a bench and, why not add a small piece of cloth like a fairy towel that leaves the edge?


You can buy mushroom figures at any garden store, but you can also make some using homemade materials. You can use pots of any size, so the mushrooms can be small or large, and you can paint them the colour you want. Place them around a corner of your garden and then add some more details. Maybe the typical gnome or some other figure?

A Miniature Door For Enchanted Creatures

A simple idea for a small space. Why not paint, draw or even make a small door and place it in the corner of the fence and then create a trail of mini tracks that carry it? Consider it.


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