Five Things To Do In The Outdoor Garden To Interest Little Ones In Nature

Nature. You love it, and you want your kids to love it too. And why not! According to the research’s referenced are in an article in Le Figaro, spending time in nature has enormous benefits, including “better concentration, better memory, improving overall cognitive function and the development of art social skills”. Who doesn’t want this for their children?!

So how do you get your little ones interested in nature? It’s really simple: their offering experiences that they make you want to s relive again and again! And you don’t have to go to one of our great national parks, although they are wonderful, or organize an expensive vacation to do so. You can spark love of the outdoors in your own garden! Here are five things to do in the garden to interest little ones in nature:

  1. Camping in the garden:The quickest and cheapest way to introduce your children to the fun and wonder of nature is to camp at the bottom of the garden. Whether you’re hanging out with a tent, tying a hammock between two trees, or spreading sleeping bags on the ground, camping at the bottom of the garden is easy and fun for everyone. And once the sun goes down and you are huddled in your sleeping bags, the night sky will offer you an adventure that can last a lifetime: admire the stars . The ideal is a full moon night when it is dark in your immediate environment.
  2. Butterfly garden:Did you know that you can garden for butterflies? This simply means creating an environment that is the draw. Impressive, right? You can also order a ready-made kit ! P is admired the transformation of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly!
  3. Fairy Gardens:Remember the magic of Tinker Bell in the Peter Pan universe of Neverland . He said that building a house of fairy draw a fairy in your garden . Whether it is true or not, the design and construction of a fairy garden will certainly give rise to a feeling of wonder.
  4. Bean Tipis:These tipis will allow you to build a support for your climbing beans and create a fabulous hiding place where children can play all summer. However, putting up a bean tipi is not child’s play and requires a certain skill. So be sure to plan ahead. Remember that children have a fairly short attention span and you don’t want to lose them while you lose the battle with the teepee!
  5. Bug Hunt:glasses, magnifying glasses, insect tubes, book on insects…. here are some of the things you need for your first treasure hunt! As with most things, you can build your kit yourself with things you have in the house or buy a ready-made insect hunting kit. Whichever you choose, you will probably want an insect book to help guide your children through your hunt. Alternatively, you can find the bugs and then try to identify them online with Google! Remember to teach your children to treat all living things with respect!

These are just five ideas to guide your start. There are probably 500 ways to get kids interested in nature, a wonderful gift for life. So go out into the garden! Create adventures for you and your children! And unleash a love of nature that will bring them happiness for the rest of their lives.


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