DIY Ways To Make The Most Of Small Outdoor Areas

Bigger is not always better. Patios, gardens and small balconies require less maintenance and give you more time to relax. However, to make the most of the space, plant plants or invite some friends, you want it to be as pleasant as possible and use it in space as efficiently as possible. For this, here are five ways that require little effort and generate great results to take full advantage of small outdoor spaces.

“Do It Yourself” Cushion = Instant Seat

Furniture in large stores is usually made for large spaces. Here is a way to combine seat and storage: make your own cushions for common wooden boxes.


  • Two wooden boxes
  • Plastic foam (you can buy it in a craft store or reuse an old cushion)
  • Fabric (it is better a waterproof fabric for places exposed to the weather)
  • Adhesive (thermo-adhesive material for application with iron or cloth glue)

Tip: If you try to reuse fabric that you already have, there are aerosol products that you can apply to make the waterproof fabric for outdoor use.

Perforated Board Wall

It is easy to find a perforated board and hooks in a hardware store, and you can cut the board of any size. Attach it to a wall and try hooks of different sizes to keep all your outdoor items organized. Add buckets to contain small items or shelves for items you use regularly.

Ticket Of Lights “Do It Yourself”

One or more series of outdoor lights add a touch of class to having guests. Sometimes there is no place to hang them (and, if you are renting your home, you will not want to use nails). What is the solution? Make your own light base and enjoy the beautiful brightness.


  • Two galvanized buckets
  • Concrete ready for use
  • Two wooden posts
  • Two threaded hooks for hanging lights

Galvanized Bank “Do It Yourself”

When space is limited, you need the furniture to have double functionality. A large galvanized bucket can be used to hold ice and drinks at a party, sports equipment, gardening equipment, etc. If you make a lid for the bucket, you will have a bench, a stool or an additional seat.


  • Large galvanized
  • Bucket Round piece of wood cut to size, from a hardware store
  • Plastic foam slightly larger than the wooden lid
  • Fabric (it is better to waterproof)
  • Stapler

Pendant Pots

If you hang pots or buckets on the railing, you can take advantage of space that you would not otherwise use. Buy pots made to hang or drill holes in plastic pots. Hang them with plastic ties or wire, so they are secured. Use plant pots, gardening tools or even items you want to have on hand, such as insect repellent.…